Ebony Beach Club is a rejoice, reclamation, and reimagining of the black American experience with beach space.

The name “Ebony Beach Club” was chosen as a homage to the black beach club founded in 1957 by the late Silas White in Santa Monica, CA. With over 2000 members signed up & excited for the club’s official opening, it was shut down by the city of Santa Monica who claimed eminent domain over the property that he had occupied. They claimed to have needed the building for “civic parking”. Ebony Beach Club never had a full opportunity to grow & stifled the potential for a more inclusive and colorful beach environment today. What we’ve created today aims to breathe new life into the vision of the late Silas White.

Formerly known as Black Sand Surf, Ebony Beach Club was (re)formed in 2022 to shine light onto the commonly forgotten struggles that black Americans experienced in accessing beaches across centuries, and up until the civil rights movement. We aim to create an  intersection between “surf” and ”culture” , therefore inventing a new surf culture. We believe in a unified surf renaissance that embraces all humans, welcomes the ocean’s newest visitors, and resets the tone of how we connect with the earth and interact with each other. Ebony Beach Club is a community for the progressive members of society and children of the sea.

We believe that time spent at the beach is a catalyst for the greatness instilled within all of us. To share the ocean with others is a blessing, and we aim to uplift each other for the greatness that we all embody both in & out of the water. Sending the message to the next generation of black & brown children that the ocean is a place where they can free their spirit and connect with nature is the ultimate goal of Ebony Beach Club. A community focused on welcoming the next generation to access a space that our ancestors were long denied.

The New California Dream.